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I am a parent of three children… I have been to doctors with my children.  I have gone through the “You need to vaccinate your kids” and “Your child needs to take antibiotics to get better.”  The truth is, rarely does a person really need antibiotics, and vaccines may actually do more harm than good.  “How so?” you ask.

Antibiotics are specifically designed to kill bacteria.  Even though there are different antibiotics designed to kill different groups of bacteria, they all also tend to kill off the “good guy bacteria” in your body as well as the bad guys.  These “good guy” bacteria in your gut are part and parcel of your immune system and are there to help you fight off the “bad guys”.  But, when you take antibiotics, you kill both the bad and the good bacteria which, yes, killing the bad bacteria helps you to get over what’s causing your current illness, but leaves your body wide open to attack from many other bacteria that are not covered by the specific antibiotics you’ve taken.

Vaccines, ideally, are designed to protect our bodies against viruses that are deemed serious or deadly.  The problem is, that they generally only provide temporary protection, and if given too early (such as before a person’s immune system has had a chance to develop – ie. before age 2), the body can’t adequately develop immunity to the vaccinated virus.  The World Health Organization says,  “Children under two years of age do not consistently develop immunity following vaccination.”  What this means is that since our immune systems are designed to fight viruses that enter through our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth (which is how MOST viruses enter our bodies), being stuck by a needle may  introduce virus material into our bodies that our immune system may not even detect, and if it is detected, the less developed your immune system is, the less likely you are to develop antibodies that will protect you and can actually weaken your immune system.

Another issue with vaccines is that they are frequently made with substances (eggs, MSG(GMO), formaldehyde,  & lactose among others)   to which many people are allergic or are GMO.  If these vaccines are given to young children under the age of 2, you risk your child developing allergies which could easily have been avoided.

Your best bet is to avoid taking antibiotics unless you can’t get better on your own, and avoid vaccines if they have allergens that affect you.  Wait to give children most vaccines until after they turn 2, just to be sure they don’t develop allergies or avoid as many adverse reactions as possible.


On Saturday, May 25th, 2013, there will be a worldwide march against Monsanto and GMO. Please find your local event and support the fight to save our food sources from the poison that is GMO. Share with everyone you can. We want to let Monsanto know that “We will not go quietly into the night…we are fighting for our right to live” (quote from Independence Day)

March Against Monsanto

I Have No Time For Exercise…

I would disagree with the statement “I have no time for exercise.” Exercise is cumulative. Five minutes here, five minutes there…it all adds up.

If you work in an office, sitting in front of a computer, take five minutes out of every hour to do a little something…squats, lunges, chair or desk dips. Bring hand weights to work, and work your arms and shoulders. Take part of your lunch break and walk around your building. All it takes is a little creativity to get a workout in by spreading it throughout the day.

You say, “Ok, that’s great for strength exercises, but what do I do about cardio?” Here’s what you do…do your strength exercises as fast as you can in each five minute session. Not only will you build strength, but you’ll raise your heart rate and increase your breathing, which is the whole point of cardio.

In an eight hour workday, those five minutes per hour add up to a 40 minute workout…a 12 hour workday would yield a full hour workout. Either way, it will help you concentrate better at your work tasks, and increase your productivity. You’ll also be less likely to be sleepy in the afternoon at work if you move around for five minutes out of every hour. Besides, if anyone asks you about it or comments that you look silly…just tell them it helps you focus better. You may find yourself starting a trend.

Keys To Health

We all hear constantly that exercise and nutrition are the keys to maintaining health. However, there are so many different diets available, how does one know what’s best? The same can be said for exercise routines.

Together we will explore the different exercise regimens, diets, and products to help you find a good fit for you. No one diet or exercise is a one-size-fits-all. So try different things out, explore, learn, and see what you like.

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